Kayleen is enjoying the sun at the pool of a hotel. Only one other guy is also at the pool.

His name is Jaymes and he’s just the kind of guy that Kayleen likes.

So she decides to use her chance and seduce him. However he’s married with Katie and seems not going to cheat on her.

Kayleen is frustrated and falls asleep in the pool chair.

Sometimes dreams come true - Adult comic

In her dreams Jaymes is unhesitant and they have hot sex. But when she wakes up again, it gets even better…

The graphic novel has elements from the following genres:

  • Boy/Girl
  • Boy/Girl/Girl
  • Oral (Blowjob & Pussy Licking)
  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Titty Fucking
  • Cumshots

Sometimes dreams come true - Cover Adult comic

The graphic novel contains 71 high resolution pictures. You’ll get one PDF with all the images and all JPGs as bonus as well.

You can get Sometimes dreams come true from Renderotica or Affect3D