Mylin is a beautiful elf with big natural tits. She is 97 years old (which is rather young for an elf) and she is a warrior. Mylin is a very close friend of elf Berina.

Elf Mylin Warrior Character Sheet

She really loves to wear her armor even though it does not really hide much of her hot body.

Elf Mylin Warrior Topless Character Sheet

Mylin likes to take control when having sex and so she likes the cowgirl position a lot. The partner of her dreams has an atheltic body.

What Mylin really hates are orcs and goblins… I guess this is not a surprise for a elf.

Mylin’s secret desire is to have sex with another women, no matter if elvish or human.

Mylin is featured in these stories:

Mylin’s Mission

Mylin’s Mission 2 – Berina in Peril

Elves Mylin and Berina – Lesbian Sex

Here are some more pictures of her.