Elf Dyleeriva's fight

Elf Dyleeriva has a mission: She must save her beloved elvish friend Saroyee! Orcs have captured her while she took a bath in a small lake.

After a long journey she has finally found the hideout. Saroyee is bound and held in a cage.As the orcish guard sees Dyleeriva he puts immediately his spear on Saroyee’s throat. Then he wonders why this gorgeous elvish warrior is topless. The reason is simple: Dyleeriva is from the clan of the Ela’n’dorian elves and she’s not allowed to cover her breasts as one of their rules is, that beauty should be visible to anybody!

This situation is not easy to solve. Of course she could easily kill the orc as she’s a very skilled fighter, but her friend must not be hurt and that’s the problem.

But maybe she has already an idea…

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