My first comic, or maybe better, graphic novel is available in the Renderotica store.

It’s called “Short Stories 1 – Rough Sex“.

It contains five the following five short stories:

  • Wrong one for the job
  • Slave Auction
  • The Slave Girl
  • War Scenes
  • Pool Horror

Short Stories 1 – Rough Sex features 5 highly erotic tales from a number of different genres.

One thing they have in common is to prove that sex isn’t always slow and easy.

If you are a member of my Erotic Illusions site, you’ll probably know the pictures already. However they are now in a nice comic style layout 😉

I’ll leave the comic on sale until 13th of May, so you’ll save 40% and pay only $5.99 !

You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the PDF which has 47 pages. The pictures are embedded with 300dpi for a high quality.

Short Stories 1 - Rough Sex

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