Elf Thy'ala has hot sex with another elf

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This story is about Mirella. She’s at a secret temple where gravity can be turned of. While most elves use this to relax, she’s waiting for her lover as they want to try sex without gravity.

Soon Eronar arrives and both are immediately in the mood for hot sex.

However before they can start, they have to ask the guard to turn off gravity. Thy’ala always asks for something in exchange for her service.

And she knows what she wants this time… Eronar!

Mirella is not very amused about this and Eronar is not yet sure if he should like this. Thy’ala on the other hand is a drop dead gorgeous sex bomb and she knows how to turn him on.

Quickly she’s on top of him, giving him a good chance to squeeze her nice tits. But Eronar is still a little bit shy to fuck Thy’ala while his love Mirella is watching.

Thy’ala changes her position allowing Eronar to eat her tight pussy.

As Eronar is still to reluctant she decides that a good blowjob might help to get him horny enough.

Eronar is getting horny but hasn’t stuck his cock into her pussy yet. Instead he is about to finish himself.

Thy’ala doesn’t like this at all, she’s getting angry.

“You’ll not get your time with Mirella if you don’t give me a good fuck now!”

He didn’t want to disappoint Mirella. So he grabbed her arm roughly.

Eronar put Thy’ala on the floor and finally fucked her. Hard and rough.

He fucked her in several positions

After Thy’ala had several orgasms, Eronar shot his cum on her.

“That’s what I wanted” Thy’ala said with a smile.

Now Mirella and Eronar were free to do what ever they wanted.

And of course they didn’t wait long.

Mirella knew how to get Eronar’s cock hard again

They tried some different positions while Mirella has giving a blowjob.

She continued to suck and lick his hard cock

They both enjoyed some oral sex

It was great to fuck in all the positions without feeling the gravity

After watching them for some time, Thy’ala thought that it would be nice to join them…

So they found a position where all three of them could have their fun!

– The End –

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