Mirella and Thy'ala - Two sexy elves

Mirella (in the front) and Thy’ala are obviously two elves but actually they are not good friends even if it might look like this. (It was not even easy to get this portrait of them together at all).

But let’s start at the beginning:

Thy’ala is the elvish guard of a small place or temple where the natural gravity can be turned off. Only by herself of course. Many elves come to her to enjoy some minutes or hours without gravity. Some use it to relax and some use it for extraordinary sex!

This brings us to Mirella. She and her partner want to use this place exactly for this purpose. Trying some sex positions which are normally not possible.

However Thy’ala always demands something before others may use her place. This time she wants that Mirella gives her lover to her to have sex with him!

Mirella is not very amused about this, but on the other hand she wants to do some sexual experiments which are only possible here…

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