In the 3DX world many of us want to create pictures with beautiful girls, elves, vampires or any other creatures which get a nice facial. There should be cum on her face, body, tits or all together.

Of course there are 3D models which you can use for it, but the problem is that it takes much time to pose them correctly. Another way would be to do it afterwards in Photoshop, but this also takes a lot of time as you have to do it for every single picture again and again.

My idea is to create a way to add the cum easily direct on the texture so that the skin will be rendered with it already. It will perfectly fit for any pose or morph.

I created a Photoshop PSD file with many layers for cum and the corresponding layers for the bump and spec map. The bump and spec maps are important to make it look realistic.

This solution can now be used for any character which uses the V4 UV mapping and it should be easy to change it for other UV mappings such as V5 (Genesis).

It works for Poser and DAZ Studio users and should actually work for other programs as well.

The intensity of the different layers must of course be adapted to the used skin texture but this can be quickly done with different layer modes (normal or lighten) and the opacity in Photoshop (or another program which can read and edit PSD files)

The following gallery shows the first tests I did with my method.

All the pictures are created with DAZ Studio and rendered in Luxrender.

I tried it with many different textures and with some tweaking of the layers in Photoshop it’s possible to get great results for all textures.

So let’s cream some faces and create some nice cum shots!


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