Queen of Snakes is the second part of Saroyee’s Quest and you can get it from Renderotica.

This time busty elf Saroyee is brought to Maquiness, the queen of snakes.

Already her journey is full of surprises. Especially when her guard shows what she can do with her flexible tongue and tail.

It gets even hotter when Saroyee is at Maquiness’ palace. After some solo action of Saroyee, Maquiness and Saroyee have hot lesbian sex with pussy licking and strap-on action.



If you like Saroyee and would like to see her in some hot lesbian action, this is the right comic for you!

Saroyee’s Quest – Part 2 is a graphic novel which has sex scene of the following genres:

  • Boy/Boy/Girl (only short in the beginning)
  •  Girl/Girl
  •  Pussy Licking
  •  Strap-on Action
  •  Lesbian Snake Action

The comic has 59 pages and as special bonus you’ll get all the pictures in full resolution (1400×1050) without the text from the comic.



Click here to get the comic from Renderotica!

If you don’t know the first part of Saroyee’s Quest yet, you can also get it from Renderotica.

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