I’ve made several images with this busty native american woman. On some she’s topless or nude, on some she’s bound to some kind of log or stake.

In this portrait she is topless and we can admire her big boobs.
I myself find this narrow cut portrait of her very beautiful, which of course is a matter of taste:
It shows her curves, but still leaves many things to the imagination.
Where is she and what is she doing? What does the gaze mean?
Well, you can imagine something for yourself…

Topless Native American Woman
Portrait of a nude Native American Woman

Besides, this is one of those pictures where I can’t decide whether I like the colored or the monochrome version better.
So I’m showing both.

Topless Native American Woman
Monochromatic portrait of a nude Native American Woman

Which one do you like better? Please tell me in the comments!


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