As I did for the last adult comics I made, I created a high resolution wallpaper (2560×1440 16:9) for my latest graphic novel Mylin’s Mission 2 – Berina in Peril.

On this wallpaper you have almost all characters which appear in the story. There’s of course the horny Goblin which already fucked the busty elf Mylin in the first part of the story when she tried to rescue Berina.

Now Mylin is captured as well and you can see her in the background as she has to watch the Goblin having fun with Berina.

Mylins Quest 2-Berina in Peril WallpaperI hope you enjoy this sexy fantasy wallpaper with our two busty elves Berina and Mylin!

Click here now to get Mylin’s Mission 2 – Berina in Peril!

If you don’t know part 1 yet which is simply called Mylin’s Mission, read my blog post about it or get it directly here!

For part 1 I also created a wallpaper 😉

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