The first chapter of part 2 of my fantasy graphic novel for adults Tales of Nia 2 is finished and I’m going to publish the images on and in May. It’s the sequel of Tales of Nia and tells how the story of the main character, the busty elf Nia continues.

As you already can see from the picture below, Nia is kept imprisioned in a cage until she meets her nightmare: a big and horny orc comes into the cellar and opens the cage. After that he doesn’t wait much longer, but lets his lust run free and has a lot of fun with Nia’s sexy body

If you’re a fan of busty elves in peril or you simply love a fantasy themed story with rough sex, you will like the story of my elf Nia!

Scenes from the fantasy graphic novel Tales of Nia 2
Scenes of busty elf Nia and a orc from Tales of Nia 2

What happend in part 1 of Tales of Nia?

Nia has been ¬†kidnapped by slavers and sold to Moragor. With him, Nia also met another elvish slave named Jely’ria. She had been with Moragor for quite a while already and tried to give Nia some tips to make her life as a slave as comfortable as possible.

If you haven’t see part 1 yet, you can get it directly from my gumroad site.

Where can you follow the story of the elf Nia?

Well, as already mentioned in the beginning, I will post the images with the story on and now in May.

All you have to do, is to join any of my tiers and you will get all the images of Nia!

Update: You can also get Tales of Nia 2 here:

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