It’s time for a new high resolution wallpaper, right?

I’ve created one with a sexy and very busty bounterhunter. I have no idea, if she really wants to shoot someone in this scene or if she just wants to show her great titties.

Wallpaper of a busty bountyhunter
Bust bountyhunter with two guns

What could she possibly do?
Is she seriously trying to keep someone at bay with her two revolvers?
Or is she rather trying to distract the villains with her two big round breasts? It’s certainly a tactic, but it could backfire and attract even more riffraff.
But if she can then collect more rewards, it might even work.
Well, we don’t know and can only guess. In any case, it is certain that she is very pretty and has a great body.
That’s the most important thing about a wallpaper: that it looks great, right?

What do you think?

The resolution of this lewd wallpaper is 2560×1440 (16:9). I hope you enjoy it!

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