These wallpapers with Danielle in her school girl uniform is also inspired by the Corona / Covid-19 situation. I’ve already made another Stay At Home wallpaper some days ago.

Danielle in her school girl outfit
Wallpaper Don’t touch your face

You often hear the advice that you should not touch your face to avoid infection.

Well, I’m not sure, if it helps how Danielle does it, but I’m sure she’s having fun. I guess she understood something like “Don’t touch your face, when you can touch your pussy!”

I hope you like it, stay safe, stay at home and enjoy some sexy 3dx images!

Wallpaper Danielle with School Uniform
Wallpaper Don’t touch your face

By the way which one is your favorite?

Now you can also understand, why Danielle is often in detention, like in my last story with her, right?

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