I’ve been playing with DAZ Studio and wanted to create a new character. I didn’t have an exact idea, how she should look like. Of course she should have some nice big tits a firm round ass and she should be a sporty girl.

I mixed some of my custom head morphs, used some dials for the body and this was my first attempt.

Vanjera - Designing a character 1

It was not bad, but I didn’t like the hair. It is a great prop, but it didn’t look good on her. So I changed it to a hair prop which has a wet look.

Vanjera - Designing a character 2

This one was already much better. Well, now that she has wet hair, she should wear something else… maybe a bikini so that we can see her beautiful body.

Vanjera - Designing a character 3

Ok, this bikini might be too small, but therefore it doesn’t hide too much of her body.

Let’s go on with the skin. This one is good again, but not what I was looking for.

Vanjera - Designing a character 4That’s much better. It looks more natural.

Time to continue and create a real image at the pool.

Vanjera - Designing a character 1
Sexy bikini girl at the pool

I really like this one: the pose, the light, her expression… everything looks great. However her skin should be wet when she’s in the pool, right?

Vanjera - Designing a character 6
Sexy bikini girl at the pool – wet skin

Wet skin and a different point of view. It’s the right way, but maybe I can still get a better skin.

Vanjera - Designing a character 7
Busty girl with very wet skin and no bikini

Hm, well… that’s wet, but I don’t like it… It doesn’t look realistic at all.

Some more changes and tweaking the skin textures…

Sexy bikini girl at the pool - FinalHere’s the final version of Vanjera, that I really love.

What do you think about it? Would you like to have more posts like this, where I show the steps and different versions of an image?

By the way: Of course I have some more images and details on patreon.com/dionysos and subscribestar.adult/fantasyerotic

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