It’s finally done: the first story with my busty elf Saroyee is completed and you can get it from the Renderotica store.

Saroyee Quest Part 1


Busty elf Saroyee has been captured by orcs and is offered at a slave market. It doesn’t take long until an orc buys her for some special need he has.
Something goes wrong while the orc escorts Saroyee to his home. Luckly a brave hero rescues Saroyee just in time.
Saroyee is of course very thankful!
She can even settle a dispute with a simple solution: Sex!

Promo Saroyee Quest 1
Saroyee’s Quest – Part 1 is a graphic novel which contains sex scene of the following genres:

  • Boy/Girl
  • Boy/Boy/Girl
  • Oral
  • Vaginal
  • Anal

Click here to get the comic from the Renderotica store.



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