Saroyee - Portrait of a sexy Elf

Some of you will hopefully remember Saroyee, a very busty elf which I created some time ago.

She has big nice breasts and usually a wet skin.

Here you cannot only see a nice portrait of her, I will also explain the lightning of the picture.

Setting up the lights is one of the most important things when you want to create 3D art with programs like DAZ Studio, Reality and Luxrender.

It’s very helpful if you have some experience in photography as the light is there of course also one of the most important things.

Let me show you how I set up the lights in DAZ Studio.

As you can see, I used three meshlights and one spot. The spot is just for the background to make it lighter.

The first meshlight in front of Saroyee is my key light which brings the main light on her. It’s positioned a little bit above her and rotated so that the light hits her.

Keep in mind that not only the position of the light but also the size is important. The bigger the light source, the softer the shadows will be. I’ve chosen a quiet big light as I wanted to have soft shadows.

The other two meshlights light her from behind, they act as striplights which makes the whole portrait more interesting.

The lights do not have the same power. You can see the ratio in the next picture is which a screenshot from the Luxrender GUI.

One of the great things about Luxrender is that you can adjust the power of the lights while it is rendering. So you can play a little bit with the dials until you have the light that you want.

That’s it for today! If you are wondering why the stone wall from the setup picture cannot be seen in the final picture you should read my tutorial about creating a nice depth of field 😉

If you have questions, feel free to use the comment function to ask…

7 Replies to “Saroyee – Sexy Portrait of an Elf (with Lightning Tutorial)”

  1. can we have a skin texture Tutorial ?
    how do you texture skin ? it almost look so real.
    great work you did their.

  2. Hi, How do you get seperate controls for each mesh light under the light groups tab (key, backleft, back right)? When I set up the primitives they all get grouped as one tab called mesh-lights.

    Thanks for the tut.

    1. You have to change the name of the meshlight groups in the Reality GUI for the lights. All lights where the groups have the same name, have one common control.

      1. Yes, that is what I want to do but how do you do it. I can not find the control to change this. What tab are you on and what control are you using?

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