My March special for all my supporters is my latest adult image story Roleplay Sex – Balcony Assault.

Roleplay Sex Adult Comic Animation
Roleplay Sex – Balcony Assault

How can you get Roleplay Sex as reward?

That’s all you have to do 🙂 I will send you the link to the download package!

What is the story of Roleplay Sex – Balcony Assault?

The picture story for adults is about Sarina, a dark-skinned pretty young business woman, and her boyfriend.
Both are into role playing, hard sex and domination.
One day, when Sarina wants to make a phone call in peace on the balcony of a hotel, her boyfriend surprises her and the game begins:
He forces her to strip at gunpoint and suck his cock.
After he has also fucked Sarina’s big tits, he fucks her on one of the deck chairs. Finally he fucks her from behind on the balcony railing.
You see, it’s not vanilla sex that they have.
If you also like role-playing and rough sex, this story is for you!

Image from Roleplay Sex (adult picture story)
Roleplay Sex scene with Sarina

Is there another way to get Roleplay Sex?


If you don’t want to join my patreon or subscribestar site, you can still get the picture story from my gumroad page or from the Renderotica store.

Image from Roleplay Sex (adult image story)
Image from Roleplay Sex (adult picture story)

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