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Roleplay Sex Adult Comic Animation

The Idea

Rough sex is something that many couples love.However, there are also many who do not dare to address the topic and do not suggest that they would like to try it.
In my series Roleplay Sex I show different roleplay situations that involve hard sex.
It is important to me that it always has to be consensual and that everyone involved really enjoys it.
Because that is the most important thing about sex: it must be satisfying and fun for everyone!
The Story of Balcony Assault
Sarina and her boyfriend love rough sex and they love roleplaying.
One day when Sarina is on the phone in her business oufit on the hotel balcony, her boyfriend surprises her and the game begins.
He forces Sarina with a gun to give him a blowjob and a titty fuck. However, that’s not enough for him, so he continues to fuck her on the sun lounger and at the balustrade of the hotel balcony.

Roleplay Sex Adult Comic

What’s included

Enjoy 62 high resolution (1920×2560) pictures including
  • domination
  • titty fuck
  • blowjob
  • vaginal sex
PDF: RoleplaySex-Balcony-Assault-FantasyErotic.pdf
Bonus: All 62 pictures in high resolution: 1920×2560
Roleplay Sex Adult Comic

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