Detention! is an adult graphic novel for all fans of school girl uniforms, spanking and great sex.

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Adult Graphic Novel Detention
Cover of Adult Graphic Novel Detention

The Story of Detention!

Danielle was in detention… again! That meant she had to stay in that classroom, all by herself, for at least two whole hours.
To say it was boring and dull would be a complete understatement! She wanted something to do… anything!
Seducing the hottest teacher in school could be a fun little way of spending her time in detention!

Mr. Harris knew what he had to do, as he watched her turn around teasingly, seductively.

But as the little slut bent over and showed him that not only wasn’t she wearing any bra, but no panties either, he knew that enough was enough!

After spanking her ass, he lets Danielle suck his big cock. As reward Danielle is fucked in every hole!

Graphic Novel Detention Promo
Content of Detention

What’s included

Enjoy a short story (about 1800 words) and 81 high resolution (2560×1920) pictures including

  • domination
  • spanking
  • blowjob
  • vaginal sex
  • anal sex
  • cumshot

PDF: Detention-FantasyErotic.pdf (90 pages)
Bonus: All 81 pictures in high resolution: 2560×1920

Where to get this graphic novel for adults

There are several ways where you can get this graphic novel:





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